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Instantly unlock these advanced features!

- Pro users can view up to 100 video windows in video chat rooms. Camfrog is the onlywebcam software with Camshare technology that allows multiple SUPER FAST video windows.Some Camfrog rooms have hundreds of users with super fast video, it's incredible!

- See HUGE live video windows, resize video windows to any size.

- Locate what room a user is in.

- Add cool text effects to your video windows.

- Send files to other Pro users. Sending files works behind firewalls and routers.

- Make your IM and chat windows transparent so you can easily see the video behind them.

- Remotely access your webcam from another computer with a password. See what's going on at your house while you are away via super fast streaming video.- Show a time log of when you last received an instant message from someone.

- Keep a history log of all video chat room and one on one video chats, plus keep a history of all IM messages.

- Drag your contacts to the desktop to see when your friends come back from being "away".

How much is it and how do I pay?

- Camfrog Pro 5.2 is a one time fee of $49.95. To pay with credit card click the "credit cardregistration" button at the top of this page. Alternative payment methods are also listed below that button.

- For Indonesian people can buy with price Rp.600.000

- You can IM Me on camfrog:add:Jz_

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